Who Needs Myers-Briggs When You Have Corn on the Cob?

Our family loves to vacation at the lake, and not just any lake. For generations, my husband’s family has been spending vacations and sometimes entire summers on Lake Erie in Lakeside, Ohio.  Yep, we vacation in Ohio.  We don’t head for the beach, take European or tropical vacations. The Osborns drive 9 hours one way to NW Ohio year after year.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not complaining. This family tradition has provided years of happy memories and helps my family stay connected with not only those we are with, but with the generations who have gone on before us. It’s our “heaven on a stick” place to be.

Grandma T's cottage

Grandma T’s Cottage, Lakeside, Ohio

And for anyone who is familiar with Ohio in the summer, you know a major part of that experience is corn. It’s not just any corn. This is Ohio corn picked that morning, sprinkled with droplets from that early morning dew, shucked the same afternoon and consumed by the dozens at an early summer evening meal. Then the Osborns do it all again the next day. We love our Ohio corn. Everybody shucks and everybody eats.

Once the kids were able to hold their own ears of corn and chomp away without any parental assistance, I started to notice something. All three of my kids ate the corn off the cob differently and their chosen method of chomping actually matched their personalities.

#1 is Mr. Serious. He’s our rule follower and always ensured that the others were falling in line and doing as they were told. Sometimes my husband and I wondered why we were even there! Let’s just let him raise his sisters. But back to his corn eating skills…can you guess? He methodically ate 1-2 rows at a time starting on one end and going completely to the other end. Then he would start again, only 1-2 rows without going “out of the lines”, eating every single kernel. That’s my boy!

Then there is #2; our spicy red headed dancing princess. Rules really didn’t apply to her. She did what she wanted and told you how it was going to be done. No regrets, just charging through life with complete confidence and a big smile on her face. Can you guess this one? She just chomped on the cob; no order, no rhyme or reason. She was all over the place and could “finish” off a cob in record time. I say “finish” because she usually left about half of the kernels dangling on the cob for dear life. In the trash bin it went. Slam dunk! Next!

Our #3 is the chef, tree hugger and introvert. She would be very careful to pick the ear of corn that looked like an outcast. She didn’t want to hurt it’s feelings by being left out. With deep thought, she would choose her seasonings; butter, maybe some salt, why don’t we try some Old Bay? She got very creative with her toppings. And as she prepped her corn for eating, it was like she was creating a work of art. Her butter spreading skills were as if she was creating a museum quality painting. Once she was done perfecting her masterpiece, she would quietly find a corner of the table and eat in silence, savoring every bite all the while thinking deeply about what other season combinations she would try next.


#3’s Outcast Corn

So next time you’re at a cook out or picnic this summer and folks are eating corn on the cob, just be a little bit more observant. Watch how that crazy cousin, neighbor or friend eats their corn on the cob. You just might gain some insight into what makes them tick or discover something about them that you never knew.

Help Us Be Nice, Amen!

This recipe is not my own, but it definitely is one of the most requested by my family and many of my kids’ friends.  It’s incredibly easy to make and always a big hit.  I often make it when we are having a cook out or I need something for a pot luck that I know everyone will love.  I always double the recipe because everyone usually comes back for seconds and there are never any leftovers.  This recipe is from one of my favorite cookbooks, “The Crockin’ Girls Slow Cookin’ Companion” by Nicole Sparks & Jenna Marwitz.

Mac & Corn

1 can creamed corn
1 can regular corn, undrained
1 cup macaroni, uncooked
1 cup Velveeta cheese, cubed
1 stick butter, cubed

Line crock pot with liner.  Spray liner with cooking spray.  Add all ingredients to your crockpot.  Cook on low for 4 hours, stirring occasionally.



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